Life Annuities

Life Annuity – A Lifetime Opportunity

A life annuity is a agreement with the insurance company where, in the future, a vendor or the issuer, i.e. the life insurance company, will make a number of payments to the customer in return for an instant lump sum payment or a series of periodic payments. The payment flow is an unknown length depending mainly on the annuitant’s death. The agreement ends with the annuitant’s death if there are no beneficiaries after the annuitant whose name is referenced in the agreement. Thus, longevity insurance can be called life annuity.


There are primarily two significant life annuity phases— the phase of accumulation and the phase of allocation. The stage of accumulation is the stage in which the client deposits the cash into the account. The stage of allocation is the stage in which revenue payments are made by the insurance company until the annuitant or annuitants named in the agreement die. The annuity stages can be paired as a retirement savings and payment scheme for pension. The payments can also be as the annuity contributes to the annuity on a periodic basis until a certain period and then begins to receive periodic payments from it until death.

Types of Life Annuity

Fixed and variable annuity-Annuities are called set annuities whose payments are made in a set sum. On the other side, variable annuities pay quantity that varies depending on the performance of the investment. There are many goals for using variable annuity that can be indicated. One recognizable reality is the tax deferment motivation. Due to tax deferment, the money deposited on the variable annuity increases. Therefore, until a withdrawal is made, the taxes are not due. Variable annuities also provide the multiple cash managers or investment managers with a variety of resources.

Guaranteed Annuities

Chances are that the annuitant may die before the initial investment’s value is recovered. This option is called forfeiture of the scenario. This is an unwanted circumstance. The beneficiary of the annuitant continues to receive the amount at regular intervals in this case. The tradeoff between the pure annuity of life and the certain annuity of life-with-period is that the annuity payments for the latter will be lower in return for the decreased danger of loss.

Joint Annuities

Annuity products include annuities for survivors jointly-life and jointly. In this type, with the death of one or both of the annuitants, payments cease. On the death of the second wife, an annuity for a married couple payments may cease. With the death of the second spouse, the payment is reduced to the first annuitant in the joint survivor annuity.

Impaired Annuity Payments

If the life expectancy of the annuitant has been lowered owing to a serious medical issue, the conditions for the annuity payment will be enhanced. This form of annuity is referred to as an impaired annuity. It includes a medical underwriting method. With the increasing moment, this sort of annuity has evolved to a large extent.

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